Thank you New York!

Thank_YouAAJA Nation

Like the song says, “New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothin’ you can’t do now you’re in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new.”

Our workshops and panels made us feel brand new in this competitive environment. The career expo had made some of our members’ dreams come true and Ann Curry’s keynote has inspired us to do better and reminded us that we are not alone. I hope you carry home with you the spirit of innovation and knowledge that comes from an AAJA state of mind.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the army of volunteers who worked tireless hours to welcome 1,300 participants to our convention.

The leaders who fundraised, promoted, planned and coordinated the convention:

  • Convention Co-Chairs: Michelle Yu and Brooke Camp
  • Programming Co-Chairs: Tom Huang and Emma Carew Grovum
  • New York Chapter President: Maria Sandoval
  • New York Chapter board: Sital Patel (National Board Rep), Bao Ong (VP), Bea Hundal (VP), Philip Yam (Secretary), Chris Chiang (Treasurer)
  • Silent Auction Chair: Sanjay Bhatt
  • Media Access Coordinator: Shawn Nicole Wong
  • Volunteer Captain: Will Chang
  • National office: Kathy Chow, Cristina Edwards, Justin Seiter, Mari Takamura, Glenn Sugihara, Karen Sugihara and our social media intern Audrey Cheng

And the volunteers who helped on site during the convention! Here are some of the volunteers:

  • Aaron Morrison
  • Alan Wong
  • Amanda Kwan
  • Anne Lee
  • Anthony Alvarez
  • Ariam Frezghi
  • Barbara Chen
  • Brittaney Check
  • Caroline Chon
  • Cassie M. Chew
  • Charina Nadura
  • Chau Lam
  • Christina Choi
  • Christine Hsu
  • Contessa Bourbon
  • Deanna Ting
  • Derwin Worrell
  • Diane Chang
  • Emily Tan
  • Fruto Corre
  • Gail Chang
  • George Gao
  • Helen Kwong
  • Helin Jung
  • Hoda Emam
  • Janine Harper
  • Janine Mack
  • Jenny Chen
  • Joseph Adinolphi
  • Joy Abella
  • Kat Santiago
  • Khorri A. Atkinson
  • Kim Lowe
  • Kirthana Ramisetti
  • Leezel Tanglao
  • Lillian Thakuria
  • Lisa Chiu
  • Lucy Chou
  • Margie Louis
  • Michael J. Feeney
  • Naqi Cruz
  • Michael Teng
  • Michelle Yearee Kim
  • Nirmal Mitra
  • Noel Duan
  • Odochi Ibe
  • Patrick Lee
  • Paulana Lamonier
  • Phil Kim
  • Philip Marcelo
  • Robert Naylor
  • Rome Neal
  • Sachi Fujimori
  • Sarah Armaghan
  • Shirley Lew
  • Sona Patel
  • Sue Lee
  • Treye Green
  • Xavier Williams

Paul Cheung
AAJA President