South Asians in Entertainment and News

2014 SAGWe’re seeing South Asians faces and hearing South Asian voices more now all across the U.S. media, whether it’s in its in news or entertainment.

In news, we’re increasingly seeing and hearing South Asian names in front of the microphone or on camera. But in the entertainment world, South Asians can easily play a Latino or another minority. How often often do they play South Asian characters?

Join actor Sakina Jaffrey, known for her role as Linda Vasquez in House of Cards, journalist Lakshmi Singh, midday newscaster for NPR and Adam Moore, SAG-AFTRA’s National Diversity Director, in a candid conversation on how South Asians have navigated their careers in entertainment and news.

Moderated by WBEZ’s Niala Boodhoo, we will discuss the stereotypes and reality of working in both industries.

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