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We want to send a special ‘thank you’ to all those who supported AAJA through Power of One donations in 2015.

Your tax-deductible donation went far in helping to inspire young people to fulfill their dreams of becoming journalists through our student and professional development programs: JCamp, VOICES and ELP. It also supported our MediaWatch program, which ensures fair and accurate news coverage of minorities in America.

In 2016, we hope that all AAJA members will consider a donation to Power of One so that we may continue our work to inspire a new generation of journalists and increase the number of Asian Americans in today’s newsrooms.

Join our growing family of donors today and help us reach our goal of $20,000!

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We want to personally thank everyone who has made a difference by donating to AAJA’s Power of One* in 2016.

  • Youme Araki
  • Mariko Beyer
  • Tercius Bufete
  • Bobby Calvan
  • Kathleen Carroll
  • Adam Causey
  • Janning Chan
  • Hetty Chang
  • Samantha Cheng
  • Daniel Chin
  • Kathy Chow
  • Jennifer Coken
  • Anh Do
  • Ashley Dunn
  • Henry Fuhrmann
  • Kurumi Fukushima
  • Philip Fung
  • Esther Gim
  • Dan Hill
  • Pradnya Joshi
  • Pradeep Kaphle
  • Kelly Kasulis
  • Abe Kwok
  • Jackson Kwok
  • Christopher Ledermuller
  • Kevin Lee
  • Wendy Lee
  • Norman Leung
  • Brian Liang
  • Ruth Liao
  • Vida Lin
  • Ling Liu
  • Marian Liu
  • Mariko Lochridge
  • Sandy Louey
  • Lori Matsukawa
  • Jeannie Park
  • Jim Parsons
  • Shirley Qiu
  • Ameet Sachdev
  • Michiaki Soga
  • Brandon Sugiyama
  • Matt Stevens
  • Donna Tam
  • Norma Tan
  • Frank Vinluan
  • Cynthia Wang
  • Teresa Watanabe
  • Amanda Winters
  • Lucy Wong
  • Pamela Wu
  • Philip Yam
  • Randall Yip

*Power of One donors as of December 16, 2016