Introducing Lightning Talks

Something to aspire to! NICAR14's Lightning Talks in Atlanta drew more than 1,000 people. Photo via Aaron Kessler's Twitter feed.

Something to aspire to! NICAR14’s Lightning Talks in Atlanta drew more than 1,000 people. Photo via Aaron Kessler’s Twitter feed.

We are super excited to be hosting our first-ever Lightning Talks this year at the convention.

Thanks to all who pitched a talk and to everyone who voted. Unlike the main conference programming, these sessions were entirely chosen by democratic vote. The talks will be the final piece of AAJA’s program on Friday before the Silent Auction. We hope you’ll join us for one last hour at the end of the day. These talks have become the highlight for other journalism conferences (NICAR, ONA) and we’re thrilled to bring them to the AAJA membership this year.

Note: because we are trying to cram 7 talks into one hour, please arrive on time for this session! We need to start on time in order to get through everyone’s talks — and we will get through everyone’s talks!

Here’s the lineup:

Shaminder Dulai: The one secret to getting to work on the stuff you care about.
Richard Lui: Social media for social good: How does a social media campaign that aims to do some good in the world become successful?
Frank Bi: How will new inventions and innovations like drones, sensors and robots impact future newsgathering and the way we do our jobs?
Sharon Chan: What you need to know about dating/marrying another journalist
Emma Carew Grovum: Everybody needs to eat: how to hack your desk/workspace in order to feed yourself on deadline
Marian Liu: 5 things about 5 things: print to online writing, print to audio producing, print to broadcast producing, working with students and working with veterans
Kim Bui: #Realtalk about what getting laid off thrice teaches you.
See you there!