A Message from AAJA’s President & President-Elect


Dear AAJA:

In the wake of the election, many of our social media feeds are filled with stories of intimidation against minorities across the country.

Students at a Michigan middle school started chanting in the cafeteria: “Build the wall! Build the wall!”

White students at Southern Illinois University decided to put on blackface and pose in front of a Confederate flag.

A Muslim student at San Diego State University was robbed by two men who made anti-Muslim comments.

The rhetoric in this election has polarized America. It has sparked fights among families, broken up friendships and turned neighbors into enemies.

But we cannot let these events divide us.

As journalists, we must listen to the hopes and concerns of our nation. We must continue to make sense of complex issues and report on untold stories of marginalized communities.

AAJA’s mission is more critical than ever.

Our members are spread across the country from coast to coast, working in large cities and small towns. While many do not live in diverse communities, they are not alone.

AAJA will continue to fight for more newsroom opportunities for journalists of all backgrounds.

AAJA will continue to hold media outlets accountable for providing fair and accurate coverage of minorities.

We will continue to stand in solidarity with all of brothers and sisters across the industry and continue to work towards our mission of diversity and inclusion.

The challenges we face in journalism, in this country, are bigger than all of us. It is only when we come together to create a space for civil discourse do we have a chance of creating a more inclusive society.

We believe we will.

In unity,

Paul Cheung, AAJA National President
Yvonne Leow, AAJA National President-Elect