AAJA Convention Guide: Wendy Tang, digital editor, Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

Wendy_TangThis year’s convention is my best excuse to return to New York, where I went to school and worked before moving back to Hong Kong. Looking through the convention schedule is exhilarating. I will be following most of the sessions in the digital-social track, which pertains to my job and the direction that I want to head. Here are three sessions that I’m thrilled about:

IRE’s Watchdog Workshop
I have heard of IRE for a while now but haven’t had the pleasure of taking its seminars. I am dedicating my time to take the day-long workshop to learn the latest techniques of finding, understanding and reporting on stories. As we all live in a world where tech tools are evolving and becoming more available, I want to learn the craft of effective online search with web resources and social media for enterprise stories. Besides learning best practices, I also am glad to see that this workshop will discuss pitfalls in working with online sources.

Top Tools for Digital Journalists
I love meeting tech geeks, especially geeks who are journalists, a.k.a. “journogeeks”. I follow @webjournalist and #wjchat on Twitter and am excited to meet Robert Hernandez in person. I look forward to learning favorite tech tools and geeking out about any new tools. I bet there might be a “shanzhai” version of that tool in China already, like most of the social media tools do.

Ten Ways to Make Your Story More Engaging

With so many ways to tell stories these days, I am eager to learn best practices across platforms and how different platforms complement one another. Data visualization? Infographics? Charts? Video? Text? Photos with audio? I think presenting stories is an art and how to get your response rates up is an important measure, especially in the competitive digital space, where your story is fighting for readers’ attention. We are all learning to adapt together on the do’s and don’ts.

As the Asia chapter is preparing for next year’s N3Con, I’m looking forward to bringing ideas back to Asia for our regional journalism conference that I hope more U.S.-based members will attend. Stay tuned!

Bio: Wendy Tang is the digital editor at Asia Society Hong Kong Center. She is also the secretary for AAJA-Asia and co-chair of the Asia chapter’s 2013 New.Now.Next Media Conference (N3Con). She has worked in NY1 and CNN International in Atlanta and Hong Kong. She is a Hong Kong native. She is passionate about tech news and live-curating content on Twitter during breaking news. You can find her at @wwtang on Twitter and Instagram.