Meet the #AAJA17 Programming Committee

The Convention Programming Committee has been hard at work creating programming for #AAJA17 in Philadelphia, July 26-29.

We’re incredibly excited about the programs and sessions we are bringing to Philadelphia this year. AAJA’s programming focuses on improving core skills and making sure our members return to their newsrooms equipped with the latest tools and trends. Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned journalist, you’ll learn strategies to enhance your career and build your leadership skills.

This year’s theme is “Rise & Revolutionize.” Our programming will focus on this key question: How can we come together as journalists to transform how we cover communities of color?

Sessions and workshops will cover a variety of topics, including investigations, fake news, business, politics, immigration and multicultural communities.

AAJA’s annual convention is the largest gathering of Asian-American journalists in the world and this year, our goal is to focus on topics that bring us together and remember our mission:  to bring together the most talented minds in the media industry to advance newsroom diversity and to promote fair and balanced coverage of the AAPI community.

Take a peek below to meet the Programming Committee and see what tracks were offering at #AAJA17.

Don’t forget to register with the early-bird rate before April 9th!

See you all in July,

–#AAJA17 Convention Programming Committee



Convention Programming Chairs






Race/identity sessions will focus on issues related to race, ethnicity and gender in the professional world that are uncomfortable, difficult or awkward to talk about — but that we all think about. Race/identity sessions may be off the record, to allow for frank discussions.


Leadership sessions will seek to answer: Who are the AAPIs in power, in and out of the journalism industry? How do we get there? How can we rise in our newsrooms and become influential AAPIs beyond our industry?

Entrepreneurship is one of AAJA’s new goals. How can we take our ideas and create a new product? How do we develop successful business models? How can we contribute to funding journalism?




Newsgathering sessions will focus on practical skills that journalists can use on their first day back at work: Beat reporting, stand-ups, MMJs, voice coaching, narrative writing, making graphics, working with data, and more.


News Delivery


News delivery sessions will focus on skills for the journalists who edit, package and distribute content: Editing, audience engagement, analytics, social media, publishing, and more.


Affinity Group Advisory Members

Affinity groups are directly involved in convention programming. The advisory members plan sessions for each affinity group.

AAJA Student Broadcast Journalists: Angeline Bernabe / @AngelineBernabe

AAJA Freelance: Ellen Lee / @ellenleeonline

AAJA Sports Task Force: Howard Chen / @TheHoChen

AAJA Photojournalists: Alex Wong / @alexwongcw, Darrell Miho / @darrellmiho

AAJA Small Market Broadcast Journalists: Diane Thao / @dianethao