EXTENDED: 2016 Dinah Eng Leadership Fellowship Application Now Open


The Dinah Eng Leadership Fellowship widens opportunities for mid-career AAJA members pursuing the strategies and skills needed to enter news management and advance within its ranks.

Fellows receive up to $1,000 for leadership or management development courses (or financial aid toward attending AAJA’s ELP Bootcamp, September 17 & 18, 2016). Fellowships are to be applied to event/seminar registration fees and, if applicable, can assist with travel, meals and hotel expenses.


To qualify for the Dinah Eng Leadership Fellowship, each applicant must:

1) Be a current, dues-paying AAJA member
2) Demonstrate leadership potential, or currently hold a management position
3) Be recommended by their supervisor
Note: Candidates must commit to submitting a post for the AAJA website at the end of their training experience that highlights how the fellowship advanced them along their career path.

To Apply:
Complete the application below by midnight Monday, September 5. All required materials must be received by the deadline to be considered.

For 2016 ELP Bootcamp information, visit www.aaja.org/icon2016
The ELP Bootcamp application deadline is August 22, 2016.

Questions? Contact Daniel Garcia at 415-346-2051, ext. 104 or DanielG@oldsite.aaja.org.





Dinah Eng, contributing writer for Fortune Magazine, is the founding director of AAJA’s Executive Leadership Program. She headed the establishment of ELP in 1995 when she was AAJA president. Since then, more than 500 AAJA members have graduated from the program with surveys showing that 55 percent of graduates receive at least one promotion at their company or at a new company after completing ELP.